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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global innovation ecosystem that will challenge the status quo in education and careers that will help individuals to step into the next step in their lives and will help educational institutes and commercial entities to drive value from agility and adaptation of network-centric application and future technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create attract the most promising talent, nurture them, and help them drive change toward society, and help achieve the promised digital transformation. Our goal is to create agents of change who will be equipped to introduce problem-solving, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • Courage: We will be ready to tackle world problems by looking at the macroeconomic and worldwide regulations and introduce ideas to help address the need of global organizations.
  • Integrity: Ensure our operations and practices are ethical and we aim to do no harm to society.
  • Honesty: we will express our opinion free from bias and following strictly an evidence-based approach
  • Agility: We will always as a small organization driving values through agile nimble teams.
  • Innovation: We will focus on innovating on all levels from the way we are conducting our business to the way we are building our products.
  • What we Do

    We invest in the development of a wide range of products and services that are catering to the education, entertainment, automation, and gig economy. Each division focuses on

    LikeWorx is inspired to create an incubator for early ideas of software and technology systems that leverage the latest advancements in

    • Internet of Things
    • Mobile and Web Apps
    • Automation Apps
    • Software-As-A-Service

    All these ideas are catering to the GCC Region and scale onwards across the region and beyond nurturing early product ideas to a world-class product

    LikeGames is an indie game studio where imagination has no boundaries. Our game developers toil with technology to build mobile game apps for education. Kalima is the UAE's first Arabic Alphabet Mobile Game App developed by LikeGames. LikeGames is dedicated to leveraging modern-day technology for educational applications. The app is a product of combining imagination and principles of cognitive learning.

    LikeEducation is inspired to leverage the latest technology to address the needs of education - administrative and academic functions. Our team of experts has a proven record in the implementation of

  • Academic Technology Transformation
  • Learning Management Environment Implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture Consultancy
  • Courseware Management
  • We specialize in a broad array of technologies, including but not limited to

  • Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation
  • Game-based Learning App Development
  • Automation Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Plagiarism proofing Apps
  • Koha Integrated Library System
  • Swiftship Education aims to be the preferred Career Consuling Development and Planning development integrative platform


    Beyond Consultancy

    LikeTask also offers a variety unique consulting services to help our clients achieve their technical development goals.

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    A Service Driven Approach

    LikeTask also offers consulting services to help our clients achieve their technical development goals. We are currently offering the following services.

    Digital Transformation

    We will work with your business team to understand the challenges you are facing. We will propose and implement a technical solution that will help your effort in digitization.

    Startup Incubation

    We will help your startup at its early stage by providing seeds, business, and technical advisory.

    New Business Development

    We will help you develop the business idea and ensure that you successfully implement your project.

    Data and Integration

    We will take your enterprise data and develop your custom intelligence to understand how you can drive growth using it.

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